Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Wishes are for kids. 

Though I am a grownup, I still wish for things.

Like a child, I've given myself three wishes.

I try to make what I'm wishing for very practical, so that it could possibly come true.

I try to keep in mind "if wishes were horses, beggars would  ride."

I repeat to myself what Eleanor Roosevelt said --" “It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan.”

WISH # ONE ...
I wish there were no ads on television.

Yep,  I am spending one of my three wishes on this even though I realize that ads are the king/queen/jackpot-maker of success on television.  Yep, television decorates my life -- it is on like a radio whenever we're in the kitchen, and I hate -- H A  T  E -- what ads have done to our minds. Ads cram my mind with unfactual facts about disease, politics, cars, and foods, while influencing our culture -- shaping a dumb-dumb corrupt reality.

WISH # TWO ...
I wish all religions of the world would stop warring with one another and accept each other.  

It's a big wish -- that all the different "God" beliefs -- Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism. Sikhism, Confucianism, Shinto, Taoism, Jainism, Baha'i, Zoroastrianism -- would stop hating and rejecting the other versions of God and right and wrong.
       I am using up a wish on this because I see and hear the huge conflict building in otherwise good people -- for instance, those who fear Islam, hate Islamics, and wish to destroy them. That hatred is destroying those people. I have to clear the decks and the various things in the world that keep me from focusing on what I want for me. 

I wish I could go into the studio and dance my dance.

The choreography of my dance isn't steps. It's  the synchronization of movement with some wonderful  music -- "Fantasia On A Theme by Thomas Tallis," by R. Vaughn Williams. I have been dancing to this music every day for more than 15 years. The "dance" changes as I have changed, but the flow of thought that is my dance gives me joy. Like a prayer, it lifts up from my mind, my limitations, woes, wonderings, and vanities, and deeply involves me in just dancing my dance.

It's a bit nutty that I have a dance. but if you think of it as my prayer ritual, maybe you will nod, and understand.

I can't dance my dance and do my prayer when I feel the ads on TV and the potential war between world religions will destroy the world.


Carola said...

I would add to Wish # 2: to end the warring among ethnicities as well as religion (I was thinking of Crimea).

Linda Phillips said...

Sadly, we are stuck with commercials. My TV viewing is very different than yours. I have a DVR and record all of my favorite shows on a regular basis. I may occasionally add something to record that sounds interesting. In any event, I don't watch any show until it is over and therefore, I can skip through all of the commercials. You could try (said tongue in cheek) to ONLY watch shows on PBS, but even they now have what amounts to commercials. Things like long what ever they are by Ralph Lauren for example.

Sadly religions, in my opinion, have to justify their own existence. Sadly some of that is done by condemning other religions and at worst these condemnations may often lead to wars. I don't practice a religion. I find them all ridiculous. None of them have ever made sense to me.

You clearly are doing your dance. Your whole being is a wonderful dance and I so admire your persistence, your joy and your ability to convey that so beautifully to others by your delightful words.

Aquileana said...

This is a very nice post... It is hard to choose...
But well I think your second wish is worthwhile... Probably we wouldn´t have religious wars that way. And as a matter of fact they sweep with everything!...

To be sincere I would like to be millionaire: that way I could do whatever I want and travel all around the world, without having to worry about money and my job..

I´d love to meet the love of my life and have two cute kids
A general wish would be that there were not hunger and poverty in the world.

Thanks for sharing, dear Emily.

Best wishes, ✣✣Aquileana ✣✣

Unknown said...

First off...I nod on being able to dance your dance. I very much understand the prayers comes true that only if we could return to.

But of all life's offerings, most important to me -at the "pawpaw" stage of life- is to share what is "left", with "the one". I will borrow from Frank Sinatra, as no one could say it ..or sing it...better:

Oh, if I had three wishes, my first would be for you,
And if you became my love, I'd return the other two.
Oh, if I had three wishes, I'd ask for you alone,
All the other things I want will be mine when you're my own.
But if you chose me, that I must use the other two,
It wouldn't matter, dear, cause here's what I would do.
If I had those three wishes, my first would be for you,
And the second and the third would be that my first wish comes true.