Saturday, March 29, 2014


Right off the bat John describes wonderful old photos of Gielgud. capturing you Gielgud as an exceptionally handsome young actor.

John explains that when he auditioned for the part of Laertes, in Burton's "Hamlet," he auditioned poorly. The only reason he got the job was Burton, who insisted that John Gielgud hire him.

Rehearsals were hellish -- the great actor- director Gielgud's ideas clobbered John Cullum creatively.

John Explains how Elizabeth Taylor helped him conquer the role of Laertes.


Anonymous said...

With my short temper and runaway mouth, I would never last more than a very short period in show business with employers like that.

Carola said...

Priceless video!! It could go viral. I especially love John's imitations of Sir John.

Aquileana said...

John Explains got Laertes role at the end... It is a nice story as it shows us how Elizabeth Taylor helped him conquer it.. Even when he would tragically die "by accident" in Shakespeare´s play, the struggling was worthwhile at the end... wasn´t it?..

Best regards Emily; Aquileana :)

Dustspeck said...

Colloquial; no John: Your response was informal but graded carefully and of course it's always best to suppress anger when at all possible, especially in locals where the State has the power of life and the snuffing out of that vital function of individual humans. I can picture that incident somehow and think that it would make a powerful scene in a play itself. Some say that everything has already been done but I'm not too sure that that is true? Dustspeck

Anonymous said...

A delightful video. It reminded me that I read somewhere that when a man wears pink, that is a subtle, psychological signal to women that he is available. I took a course in psychology in high school but we never covered that.