Thursday, March 13, 2014


What do I fear?

That aliens are already here, and that they'll take over the earth?

Yes, Stephen Hawking's predictions about aliens is in the worry corner of my mind. And maybe you, like me, are worried about Jihadists -- black widows -- a kid with a bomb in his underwear -- a nut, with a gun in a mall, at the museum, or in the movie theater? All that and environmental things -- wicked weird weather, over population, running out of breathable air, food and water? Yes I worry, but what can I do about any of these things?

Martin Luther, in the sixteen century, said, "Pray, and let God worry."

While I'm trying to pray, I'm shivering. What I fear more than anything is the MONEY MEN.

This book, written 15 years ago, and lots of other books have warned us. They've explained why we need to beware of the super rich, kingpins, CEOS, who can afford to buy, create, or find new ways to control the world -- use the world's resources -- the land, air, clouds --  the stock market, wars, elections, oil, coal ....  (Add to this list whatever is on your mind. Behind the scenes, the MONEY MEN  control wages, immigration,  guns, education, fashion, cosmetics, art, pop music, movies, sports  -- name anything that you want, like, need -- the MONEY MEN control it.)

Can we stop them?

NO. They're big beyond "big" and complexly interconnected. Masons, Illuminati, Koch Brothers -- famous names, and the names behind the famous names -- these guys with their legal teams created SuperPacs, and have found legal ways to raise as much money, spend as much money as they want on getting what they to get what they want.

Who are they?  They're on Forbes' list --click and check out Forbes' The Worlds Most Powerful People.

On the list, you'll bump into Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Obama and quite a few other good guys that the MONEY MEN ignore. Knowing the names on this list isn't important. Just realize that the most powerful guys in the world are on the Forbes' list and they are affecting everything spiritual, cultural, political, about your life.

A long time ago I saw ta film, "The Naked Jungle," starring Charleston Heston and Eleanor Parker.  He was running a plantation that got overrun by ants -- the "marabunta."

THE MONEY MEN are marabunta. They are eating up everything.

Whoa!  They can't eat up me or you, if you own what you believe in.

The only way to stop them is to think for yourself.  Think yes or no, right or wrong, good or  bad, I want  or don't want, I like, dislike, I believe, disbelieve. Don't trust ads, movies, news, facts, percentages, pronouncements -- keep track of, and stay on the track of your thoughts. 

Your thoughts drown the marabunta MONEY MEN, and flush them away like debris.



Carola said...

The only way we can fight the money men is with large numbers of people. In this country we have to figure out a way to get people to start voting in their economic interests, and to stop being charmed by the messages of the money men.

Stan said...

Great article Em. Your fears are not dissimilar to mine. We must own who we are and sell ourselves to no one.

aquileana said...

.. I loved how you started the post, so intriguing ... Great review of "Money Men".
I guess there is an implicit critic to the establishment philoosphy of business right?. Seems truly interesting
Thanks for sharing, best wishes, Aquileana ;)

Cara Lopez Lee said...

Important topic, Em! I began to think about such things in more depth after I first read "The Arms Bazaar" which is still relevant today and quite scary. To me, it revealed how deeply invested the world economy is in ensuring that there's always an expensive war somewhere. Then I read Bill Moyers speech, "Welcome to the Plutocracy," which I believe you might enjoy if you haven't already read it: . In it, he elucidates the reality that our country is neither run by a Republican nor Democratic agenda, but by the interests of those with money. We donkeys and elephants are bated into yelling at each other as a distraction, while the real evils have little to do with political philosophies, but with the accumulation of power. We are falling for the oldest trick in the book: divide and conquer. The people and organizations with the most money hedge their bets and donate to both parties. I agree that one of our best defenses is to keep our B.S. meters set on high.