Saturday, March 15, 2014


Em praises John for all the things he's been doing for her since her surgery in January.,

Though she's recovered and back to dancing again, John's -- his fetching things, delivering her to the "pee-pot," tying her shoes -- all that plus Agnes' chores" (that's what they call John when he's cleaning and cooking) continue to amaze Em.

John says Em recovered quickly -- her dancer discipline amazes him. Em insists it wouldn't have been possible without Agnes.


Anonymous said...

My father took up the cooking chores after my mother died when I was a kid. His culinary repertoire was very similar to John's, except steak and mashed potatoes was his staple. Dad also loved his meat grinder.

Poet_Carl_Watts said...

Man/Woman does not live alone. "A person is only as valuable as he aids others n their games of survival!" Quoting myself :-) Apparently John care enough to assist you. Very Well Done on your very successful life togehter♥ :-)