Sunday, March 9, 2014


It was LOVE at first sight, when John heard Robert Preston singing 'Trouble in River City." Preston's baritone with bass tones, marvelously crisp diction -- continues to amaze John.

John treasures his memories of rehearsing and performing with Preston. on a musical that never came to Broadway -- "We Take the Town." No actor, other than Richard Burton, has affected John Cullum as profoundly as Robert Preston.


Dustspeck said...

I've been hearing and seeing him since before I was born; I'm pretty sure Emily, and I agree whole heartily with John about Robert Preston. As stars go; what more could anyone ask; fore he was truly a blessed all-around artist.

Linda Phillips said...

I just took a look at Robert Preston's body of work on Broadway. I had no idea that he had done so many varied shows. My only personal experience in seeing him perform live was in "The Music Man". I did see him in a few films as well.
I always thought he was a wonderfully talented actor and singer. Yes, his voice was quite extraordinary.
How lovely to hear such glowing praise about him, coming from both you and John.
I love that John is anything but completive about other actors that he has known and admired. It's a wonderful quality that I so admire in him.

Paul Mendenhall said...

I loved hearing this, because I adored Preston. I don't think he gets the credit he deserves as an actor, maybe because he did everything so well. Watch his eyes in "The Music Man," and what do you see? Fear. Of course Harold Hill would be in a constant state of fear; he's a con man who might get found out any second. But I've never seen another Hill convey that. His eyes in "Victor/Victoria" are always sad, and sometimes angry. A homosexual man at that time? What else could he be? He was a genius. He played the obvious values, but he found the underlying truths as well. And what a master of focus!

Anonymous said...

Definitely time to watch The Music Man again. Sorry I haven't been around recently but have been very busy. Lovely to see you both in action again!

Gary Alan Henson said...

Thanks so much for this, Mr. Preston was one of my favorite actors as well. Music Man was and will always be 'the' musical that all others have to live up to.
It was great to hear both of you, this is my first AIR viewing, but I'll definitely watch all the others.
Bless you both and thank you.

Anonymous said...

I love how John's face just lit up when you said "Robert Preston".
Stephan Artist