Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Oh it's fun to take the truthy truth and turn it upside-inside-out- and-down, make righty-right stuff wrongy-wrong.

     John Boehner, speaker of the house -- he is helping the country solve its problems.

     Obama -- race-prejudiced President whom we trust, just can't be trusted.

     Womens' issues, gay issues -- they're just about solved.

     Gun control and immigration -- they are going to be solved.

Other reversible truths abound. My favorites: There's no real problem with the weather. Automobiles have been vastly improved.  If you're not sure about a symptom, call your doctor, and he'll advise you.

There's Time Warner's daily, brain-washing "enjoy better" TV commercial, when you can't get your favorite channels anymore; daily-nightly sexual potency pills that you MUST take if you want to be sure you can "do it," and, my goodness of course, two pain killers are better than eight, and...

The latest new AB exercises, butt exercises, lose weight pills, and rub-in creams that guarantee comfort for up to sixteen hours -- they'll make you look better, feel better.

Click the link, and buy -- you might cry when you realize it's mostly a lie, but you won't die -- with double think, trouble is solved, dissolved.

Hey, if you are planning to buy a major something-or-other, click, and listen to this video.

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