Wednesday, April 2, 2014


"SPY GLASSES help you do what you want to do," said Google’s co-founder, Sergey Brin, when he announced "Project Glass" five years ago.

"The glasses work like a hands free smart phone, displaying messages, images, and maps of the world in front of you. The glasses have built-in cameras that allow you to capture moments without disrupting them."

Saying that, Brin tossed his baby son into the air and declared, “If I tried to capture that with a camera I’d drop my son.”

What a gesture, what a way to show us that Google Glass -- those eye glasses -- were something we were going to want to buy.

In 2012  I blogged about Google Glass -- the actual device really couldn't be bought yet -- it was one of those futuristic things, like driverless cars.

Can you buy Google Glass now?  Well, you could order it.  Ebay listed some "like new" Google Smart Glasses -- prices -- $1550 to $6500. In April, Google announced you can buy Google Glass, but only wear it for a day, and of course get a full refund. The wear-for-a day plan is still part of Google's pilot project.

I can't help wondering who owns the photos and recordings, and what about the folks you record without getting permission. Meanwhile, Google is ironing out another serious problem -- the battery doesn't last long enough. Their digital photography experts are working on using "nanotechnology," (using teeny batteries); experts are also  experimenting with “gesture-based” technology, that would let you take photos with the blink of your eye.

Hey, maybe Google Glass will replace smartphones, and give us more mobility -- utter Mobility -- global, universal, ultimate freedom from lots of other things that go with being a human?

Anyhow, keep your eyes wide open, and go with the flow of it -- sooner or later the price will come down and you can try it Though personally, I can't imagine why in the world I'd ever wear Google Glass, I suggest we just "row, row, row ours  boats gently, down the stream."

Row, row ... upstream? downstream? are we heading for the rapids? A waterfall? This music expresses my trepidations. 

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