Thursday, July 23, 2015


Catchy news:

Ben Affleck, 42, who today is an unstoppable rising actor-director, devastated fans when it was revealed that he and his wife of ten years were living apart, and are now divorcing.

    Bristol Palin, 24 -- famous because of her famous mom -- has broken up with a current boyfriend, and is, again, pregnant.

     Lance Armstrong, 43, former professional road racing cyclist, recently said he is thrilled that he's become the biggest failed, disappointing, sinful celeb. He held seven Tour de France titles until he was stripped of them in 2012 because it was proved that he was doping.

    I feel like a butterfly catcher with my net aimed -- wham -- ponking down, and grabbing creatures to pin to my wall collection.

    Celebrities are our royalty -- our kings and queens -- what they do or don't do shapes our lives. Armstrong embarrasses me. When the whispers came out about him lying, I believed that he was truly what he wasn't. When he finally told the world that he'd been lying, my sense of my own good sense shriveled. Now, when celeb news penetrates my world, I ponder it. I don't trust it.

    Affleck, once his days as a fiance of J. Lo were over, began to improve his work, and it impressed me. The man was emerging. Like a real artist, he was putting what he felt about the subject into whatever film on which he was working. His canvas has become movies; his knowledge is his paint.

    Bristol... well, instinctively I am agin' her, because of the high walls of ignorance that surround her mom. But Bristol, performing in "Dancing With The Stars," let herself be recreated, and became a young woman with a sense of herself that had genuine grace. Bristol became much more than her mother's daughter.

    Will she'll emerge in politics? Are some of her mother's ideas instilled in her? I hope not. I don't think Bristol will be a Sarah junior.

    So these three celebs do more than catch my eye. They teach me about my own life, where I was heading and where I am heading now.

    Ok. It's your turn to post a few names of celebs. Pinning them to the wall, what do you see about YOU and why is what's on YOUR mind ON your mind?

    Maybe you're not busy enough? Maybe you're worried about where our country is heading, because wherever America goes, go you? Maybe we are focusing on politics because our country is suffering, because our Black President is deliberately being thwarted -- stopped from doing what he knows our country needs to do, because racism is still such a huge, major, serious, unsolved issue?

    I rarely write about politics. I don't want to lose readers whose ideas differ from mine, so I probably wrote about three celebs, who surely fascinate you like they fascinate me, and found a way to squeeze in a few words about President Obama whom I deeply admire.


    Larry Enright said...

    This makes me think of Robert Downey Jr and Charlie Sheen - how both went so far down in their lives and both came back, then one (Charlie) just seemed to lose it for good. I hope not. I like them both as actors and always hope for the best for people.

    Orianne said...

    I don't like Palin and Armstrong, but I think Ben Affleck is a great man, and Jennifer Garner too, I hope for the relationship.