Friday, August 28, 2009


Dr. Em's prescription: Read this to yourself out loud:

If you've waked up grumpy, anxious, and blue --
With something vaguely nagging, gnawing at you --
Avoid "Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of us all!"

Got an appointment?
A meeting? Important things on the docket?
Shove your mood into a temporary pocket --
If you must put on makeup, do it quickly, not thickly!
Don't check what you've checked before -- remember less is more.
Don't review the lines, a crinkle, a droop, or a wrinkle.

"Mirror mirror on the wall ..." It can put a pall on all your plans ...

Sure, glance at your reflection, but don't seek perfection.
Just do your day the regular way.

Ah, mirror mirror looking glass --
A female-girl-lady-woman can be such a ass!
I worried about my looks the very first time I saw a pimple!
And blackheads ... yow ...that was scary!
I saw that old women over twenty, had fat dimples --
I hated that! Resolved to be wary, and never ever
get thighs that were fat!

So here's my advice :
After one quick look in the mirror --
Making sure mascara isn't spotty, outfit's clean, no lint, or loose hairs --
Don't stare or pout or be a goose -- just go out.

And pay attention to any subject that's mentioned, and laugh. Look around like an elegant giraffe at all the other girls, and it's done --you've won. You caught the day half-way and turned it around, found a way to say BOO to the glassine you.

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