Monday, November 2, 2009


He's a blimp, filled with hot air.

Great voice, great show-bizzy deliverer of his ideas, his point of view, his truths which bang against mine like our shutter in a wind storm.

It keeps me awake at night (the shutter, not Rush).

He was born in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, and went to South Missouri State University. I danced there, possibly when he was a student. The smallish towns where he learned to be what he is now, are all towns I know, have passed through, and given performances that may still echo in the minds of some people.

Rush Limbaugh's shows echo in the minds of millions of people -- it's one of the most popular radio shows in the country.

I don't listen to his daily thee-hour broadcast -- I'm not part of his 13.5 million listeners, but I recognize the sound of his voice, and know what he's said about a lot of things. To me, Limbaugh is like Howard Stern before Stern disappeared (expanded, doubled tripled his audience on Satellite radio which is a domain I don't visit or know much about.) But Stern is outrageous, amusing. Limbaugh is outrageous, scary.

Here's Rush in action:

Yes, he's a blimp -- as defined by my dictionary -- "... a smallish airship or barrage balloon, an obese person, a pompous reactionary ala Colonel Blimp." (A World War I, cartoon character, who proclaimed passionate opinions about current affairs, from the Turkish bathhouse he frequented, wrapped in his towel).

Here are some of Rush's ugliest proclamations:

● Michael J. Fox, Rush claimed, was putting on an act,
exaggerating effects of his Parkinson's disease.

● Rush raved and ranted about soldiers who disagreed
with the Iraq War, calling them "Phony soldiers."

● Rush tried to create "Operation Chaos" in Ohio,
galvanizing his fans to switch parties (fraudulently),
register as Democrats, and vote for Hillary (so that
Obama would be defeated in Ohio).

● Rush promoted "Barack the Magic Negro" -- a parody,
sung to the tune of "Puff the Magic Dragon."

● Rush, just before inauguration day, stated his hopes for
the Obama presidency -- "I hope he fails ... Liberalism is
our problem. Liberalism is what's gotten us dangerously
close to the precipice here ..."

Click and hear what Rush said about Obama using Lincoln's bible.

In March 1 of this year, when Obama's Chief Of Staff said he thought Limbaugh represented the Republican party, Michael Steele, Republican Party Chairman, stated angrily that Limbaugh is "an entertainer" with "incendiary, ugly rhetoric."

Limbaugh replied that he would not want to run the RNC in its "sad sack state."

Alas, I'm convinced Rush IS the voice of the party, not Michael Steele, but Steele, not a lovely guy, would still be better for the White House.

Everything Obama is working on is constantly being negated by the Colonel Rush, the Blimp.

Bloated with hot air, stretched by his successes beyond his size, maybe Rush Limbaugh will go too far -- and pop, and burn up like Hindenburg.

Maybe, like the Good Year Blimp, he'll be brought out and noticed less and less, and obsolesce -- become an old-fashioned, self-advertising thing in the sky over head, that we'll hardly notice.

My fingers are crossed. That's what I'm hoping for.
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