Sunday, November 1, 2009


I saw the movie trailer for the movie --"2012."

Powerful music ... streets, buildings near where I actually live were toppling, breaking into pieces, dashed to earth before my eyes.

Too real ... More than frightening, it was.

Whew! Here we go -- a huge movie promotion campaign is already underway, and it'll be getting more and more intense as mid November and the opening of the movie "2012" approaches.

Nostradamus talk, the predictions of the 16th century French physician and astrologer, have always interested me. And, yes, it fascinates me, but I keep away from it.

Back online, I watched half of this clip that 5 million people have watched -- "DECEMBER 21 THE END (Part 1 of 6).

If someone YOU knew and trusted, recommended an astrologer, more than recommended -- in glowing terms described the astrologer's background, intuition, insightful understanding -- would you go and talk with the astrologer?

I wouldn't.

If I'd known in advance what has happened to me -- car crash, broken back, dancing in Philharmonic hall -- other events --too many to throw into a quick little list -- NO. I would not have wanted to know. And I won't want to know what's next for me.

I want to handle things as they come, and be the controller of my "fate" -- not some external fate or destiny, not something that's in the stars.

I could watch the second half of THE END Part 1 link. And there's a part 2 thru 6, to further educate me, prepare me for what's supposed happen on December 21, 2012 -- the Winter Solstice -- powerful, memorable date -- it's chilling like 9/11/2001.

Not for Em. I'm living now. I'm doing my day. I do my day one day at a time.

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