Sunday, September 12, 2010


Some things are fun to discuss, for instance, how in the world John Cullum, who was not a singer, managed to get his first job in a Broadway musical.

Back in those days, John Cullum was working mostly as an understudy, doing bit parts for Joseph Papp's "Shakespeare in the Park," and going to auditions for musicals that he invariably flubbed!

Casting people asked auditioning actors to sing an up-tune, and a ballad. JC's up-tune was "Luck be a Lady" (from Guys and Dolls). He performed it with Em's choreography and it was exciting. But, the ballad he picked was "There But For You Go I," (from My Fair Lady), and the way John Cullum performed it was ... okay, but not wonderful.

And then ...


Ralph Pace said...

Loved this week's AIR. Have one question for John: Did There But For You Go I come from Brigadoon, not Camelot? Best, Ralph

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful reflection in JC's first BW break! But it is hard to believe he did not consider himself a "singer." My husband and I are great Broadway Musical fans and consider his solos from Shenandoah our all time favorites. What joy they have brought us through the years. The Pickers Are Coming, Meditation, I've Heard it all Before, Papa’s Going to Make It Alright, and Meditation 2. We have these on our iPods, custom cd's, and we play them often at home and look forward to them on our long car trips.

Em, your blog is wonderful and I look forward to checking in every week. And A.I.R. creative, fun and addicting. What a treasure you both are. Oh, yes, I really enjoyed Cordelia.

The Cullums'; Talent extraordinaire!


Linda Phillips said...

You and JC already know this, but I saw JC in "Camelot" twice...and Dinadan was MY FAVORITE KNIGHT.

Loved the video as usual! Love you both!


Kevin Daly said...

A few years ago I was at the Theatre World Awards and JC sang "On a Clear Day You Can See Forever" and to my estimation I don't think anyone has ever sang it better, Streisand included.

I was just reading that Lerner apparently wanted him for "1600 Pennsylvania Avenue" (a show I'm researching a lot). Dodged a bullet there, but at least it would have been gloriously sung.

Franica said...

Bravo, John & Emily! What a great team you are and loved hearing about John's Camelot audition. Minor correction:"There But For You Go I" is from BRIGADOON. Another Lerner & Loewe show of course. Look forward to more video installments!

Unknown said...

You are both just SO divine!!
And I so adore you both!