Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Dear A ... B ...C ... D... E ... F... G .. H ... etc:

Whoever you are, I know who you are.

When you send me messages, or put comments on my blog, you are real, a person I know, and I am talking to you.

It could be your picture (on your FB profile), your photos, videos, or your lack of them, or the interesting graphic -- the symbolic self that you change every so often -- or the albums, or list of friends you have. It could be an insignificant something or other that you have posted.

I want you to know that I remember -- anything you've communicated goes into my brain -- any words on your page, or in anything you've written to me -- it goes in and stays in what my husband calls my "hopper."

I absorb your words and tone and rhythm or lack of it, stiffness, inhibition, tendency to apologize, sense of humor, vaguely sexy or definitely not vague implications -- I sense solidness, lost-ness, even vague unease. I remember what you've conveyed -- not the names -- the importance of certain people, events, things you've done, or mention that you lack.

Yes -- you come and go. You might disappear and stop reading my blog for a long time but if you return, I KNOW who you are. Even if you don't return, the reverberations of our back-and-forthing remain. After I wonder what happened to you, and specifically notice "I haven't heard from so-and-so, I move you to a someplace cloud. Remembering what we exchanged, I deliberately move the cloud out of the way to make space for the current people.

I feel what I am saying as I write -- even when I have a lot of messages, I react to whatever you're discussing, relating it to other things you've said.

Whew! It can be a tower of Babel.. Sometimes it's easy -- other times I'm sort of hmm, mm, umming , because I've allowed myself to think about something else and am slightly distracted.

Are there misspellings in my replies to you? Well, if your hands were on a keyboard between eight and twelve hours a day, that's what happens. My mind moves faster than I can type.

I'll say it again -- dear J ... K ... L ... M ... N ... O ... P ... etc ... I know who you are.
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