Sunday, September 5, 2010


Emily Frankel surprises John Cullum -- out of the blue, she asks him to talk about the "writer guy" who also lives in their house -- William Shakespeare.

Aside from the "Beethoven" John, who writes music and lyrics, there's another John Cullum who knows and collects different versions of everything Shakespeare wrote -- scripts, different adaptations, a couple of editions of the Complete Works of Shakespeare, editions of Shakespeare Variorum -- they're on shelves in every room in their house, upstairs and downstairs.

That John loves Shakespeare delights Emily, as she gets her husband onto one of his most favorite subjects.


Carola said...

Really interesting video. Is there a resemblance between the southern accent and an English accent? I thought I heard it.

perception said...

Hi Em and JC, Any interest in performing at the Oregon
Shakespearean Festival in Ashland, Oregon? Wonderful video, enjoyed it. xxxxooo