Friday, October 29, 2010


A good friend sent me these pictures. She said, "With all that's going on in the world, I thought you'd enjoy seeing something positive."

January of this year, 2010,
the weather stayed so cold
in St. Louis, Missouri and Alton, Illinois
that the bald eagles were cruising over houses
in hopes of a quick meal.

They could not access fish
that were at the bottom of the river
and had gathered together.

A beautiful cold morning it was -- January 2010.
Eagles were motionless on the fence posts.

Some kind souls gathered fish
and started feeding
the eagles that were huddled on the shore.

Once the fish were thrown,
the eagles did not seem to fear the good Samaritans.

The word spread fast!
Soon a lot of eagles were vying for the fish.

The photographer didn't need a zoom lens.
He was maybe just ten feet away!

Here are the men who were feeding the eagles.
The eagles didn't mind them standing so close.

As you probably know,
it was not too long ago
the American Bald Eagle was an endangered species.

I'm glad my friend sent me these pictures. The eagles, the men feeding them, the photographer shooting the eagles close up -- all of it tells a story that makes me smile each time I look at it, and I've looked at quite a few times.


Carola said...

Beautiful pictures! I especially like the first one, where the eagles are lonely in the cold; they look like fenceposts themselves.

Anonymous said...

Em, Lovely, sunny, blue sky day on H's hill,today.
Ride my bike on the beach when the tide is out almost every day, round trip is about 8 miles. It's a remote area filled with wild life, sometimes see Elk with their little ones, standing on a ridge watching me ride my bike below them on the beach. Something very magical and thrilling in these moments of sharing this beautiful place with all the creatures. Today, there were 2 bald eagles and one golden eagle, they soar so effortlessly through the air,absolutely, magnificent. Thanks for these pictures and discussion.

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