Sunday, October 24, 2010


Emily reviews "Scottsboro Boys" -- the preview performance that she saw at Broadway's Lyceum Theater.

John Cullum, knowing that Emiy can be very critical, explains his part, as the Interlocutor -- the only white man in the show.

Her review is what producers call a "money" review -- a summary that sells tickets. According to Emily, Scottsboro is dazzling. Having seen it when it was first staged at the Vineyard Theater, and liked it/loved it then, Emily describes the way the cast has grown into a brilliant company. "These guys are great, fantastic," Emily says, as she compares them to a performance she saw earlier in the day --the NYC Ballet performing two of Balanchine's classics.

Then, she focuses on John's performance. And goes into detail that delights him -- her knowledge of the show as it was a few months ago, makes her comments extra special.

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