Sunday, October 24, 2010


Emily reviews "Scottsboro Boys" -- the preview performance that she saw at Broadway's Lyceum Theater.

John Cullum, knowing that Emiy can be very critical, explains his part, as the Interlocutor -- the only white man in the show.

Her review is what producers call a "money" review -- a summary that sells tickets. According to Emily, Scottsboro is dazzling. Having seen it when it was first staged at the Vineyard Theater, and liked it/loved it then, Emily describes the way the cast has grown into a brilliant company. "These guys are great, fantastic," Emily says, as she compares them to a performance she saw earlier in the day --the NYC Ballet performing two of Balanchine's classics.

Then, she focuses on John's performance. And goes into detail that delights him -- her knowledge of the show as it was a few months ago, makes her comments extra special.


Carola said...

Not sure if my comment made it through. It said: Sounds wonderful! Wish I could see it.

Linda Phillips said...

That just put a huge smile on my face. I loved it. I just ordered the CD on Amazon. It's the closest I will ever get to I wish I had magical wings that could fly me to the theatre and then fly me right back home again!

Kevin Daly said...

Agreed and then some! Will you be at the opening night, too?

Nancy Tierney said...

Well, that is just the cutest thing! You two are adorable. And now, I have to go see the Scottsboro Boys! Can't wait!

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