Monday, October 25, 2010


<----Barbara Boxer, as a blimp, floating over California. in a GOP commercial.

The Republicans found a new, clever, brilliantly nasty Public Relations guy. His name is Fred N. Harris.

I don't want to publicize him and make him more famous. In a recent Time Magazine, there was a centerfold photo and article about him titled, "GOP's Hottest Mad Man"

Talented and Hollywood creative, this "Hot" PR guy's brand of irreverent marketing is shaping up the GOP's best year since 2004, when we re-elected Bush.

The Hot PR guy has been fixing PR problems for "I-gotta-win-candidates" if they're ready, willing, and able to break every rule on their way to an elected office.

His "PR art" includes memorably clever ads: California Senator Barbara Boxer talking about what she's accomplished as a Senator, while her head swells up into a blimp-size balloon. Ben Quayle, (son of former Vice President Dan Quayle), declaring "Obama is the worst president in History. "John McCain, discussing home invasions and immigration with an Arizona Sheriff, saying, "fix the dang fence!"

Also, the Hot PR expert helped Delaware's Tea Party Senatorial Candidate, Christine O'Donnell, get a million dollars in free publicity, when Christine announced, "I'm not a witch." It was risky. The witch idea may linger, but risk-taking is what corporate advertisers do. Don't we have a lovable gecko promoting insurance, time machines promoting diet soda, Walt Whitman selling Levi's Jeans?

The GOP's Hot P.R. guy not only distorts reality, he's telling out-and-out lies.

Lies, disrespect, and insults used to be taboo in politics.

But now, expressing yourself, saying whatever you feel, is apparently here to stay -- it's happening again and again, and happening everywhere. (Remember Congressman Joe Wilson, yelling "You lie" as Obama addressed Congress? I'll never forget House Minority Leader Boehner's insulting remarks before the Healthcare voting began, and both these men are respected, beloved by their constituents.)

So why shouldn't the No-Sayers hire a fearless PR guy, who has an instinct for shocking, attention-getting commercials?

Democrats have not been fighting back on the same level, but maybe, probably they will -- they'll need to in 2012.

Oh my ... this is sad. Will America ever recover? Can we recover?

A Congress that won't debate pressing, life-and-death issues is changing the nation.

The only thing you can do -- you MUST DO -- is hold onto your common sense, your own clear, stern, sense, of right and wrong.
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