Saturday, January 22, 2011


Why is the weather so bad? A lot of people think it's worse this year, than it was last year. Is it worse than last year?

Earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, tornado's, blizzards, freezing temperatures, melting polar ice caps, epidemics, Flu, Cholera, Aids, wars, poverty, starvation. parched lands, people running out of water ... Is all this bad stuff that's going on, God's way of handling, cutting down the world's exploding population?

I was not brought up with a God, or Jesus, or any religion helping me to understand life and death, though I read and heard the Bible stories. The child in me wonders if God is angry because we are destroying the earth, the air, everything that's alive, and also destroying the precious things of past history that still exist as monuments to remind us what the world was.

I can't not worry. Every day, throughout the day, we hear weather news -- about the temperature, humidity, wind speed, and how much sunshine there will be -- and of course the probabilities, and predictions, of what may happen tomorrow, or on the weekend.

The announcers are mostly nice-looking normal people -- expert speakers with good diction, fast minds -- capable of going with the flow of what's on their scripts, or spur-of-the-moment, reacting to news flashes about unexpected, possibly dangerous. not good developments that can be seen on their sources (that we don't see).

We are seeing easy-to-grasp maps of our country, and lists of the major cities of world, with their Farenheit/Celsius temperatures, and learning if airplanes are arriving and departing on time, or delayed or canceled.

When the weather news is on, I am off into thoughts about what to wear and do I need an umbrella, and as the report develops into detailed colorful pictures, I'm wondering about ...

Forty days and forty nights, Noah's Ark, Sodom and Gomorrah, and God's power to punish mankind with what we've got now with freezing temperatures, and what will come with next summer's heat waves.

Yes, I think God is telling us, commanding those who believe in Him, to stop hurting each other, stop selfishness, murder, sin, neglect -- warning us about morality/immorality, and yesterday's headlines that are every day more so and worse. That's HIM telling us -- pay attention to what's happening, stop the wrangling and babbling, and stop, stop the big wars, the small wars, yes-yes -- stop-stop-stop KILLING YOUR WORLD.
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