Friday, April 15, 2011


I was on 8th Street, in Greenwich Village, buying colored pencils at my art supply store. The weather was almost warm. My feet in my sneakers were sweating. I saw two girls wearing flip flops. (I don't like them. They make me feel sloppy. I never wear them!)

Falling in love with a pair of shoes is like falling in love with a car. Back in my car buying days, I cruised around the dealers on Santa Monica Boulevard, but didn't seriously consider any auto until I saw a blue-blue Acura Legend. The specs were similar to the specs on a red Lincoln Town Car that I liked, but pushed out of my mind -- I needed a small car. Ahh, but the blue-blue Legend -- its sleek shape -- I was in love.

(I drove it for four years when we lived in Malibu.)

I wasn't shopping for shoes. Noticing this shoe in a store window and thought: "Yuck -- how klutzy, excessive! Lacing them would take ten minutes! Never would I wear dumb, over-fancy wedgies like that!"

The sign said: "Flatform. $2,100."

Shoes prices are nuts, out of whack -- way, way over the top ever since the "Sex in the City" heroines and their pumps. Yes, ridiculously fancy, expensive cruel high-heels are IN, but I can't walk, mince, or inch-along in any slipper that has more than a two-inch heel.

Of course, I notice shoes. I laugh and shrug off the out-of-sight prices, like this beauty -- $994 ---------

But that flatform -- I love being taller. The outrageously over priced price on the silly, klutzy shoe was what our Chevy Station Wagon cost my father, umpteen years ago. Why was I wasting time, staring at a silly, klutzy, over-priced, ridiculous, high fashion summer sandal?

I have handmade yellow leather sandals I can wear with bare feet, and blend in with people who are wearing flip flops. I also have comfortable green flats that give my bare toes more than enough air.

Damn flatforms -- it's string laces will loosen! I'd be bending and retying them, and spending what Daddy spent so that he could take my family for a Sunday drive!

Okay, times have changed! Maybe it's time to change -- put away my winter outfits and get out and see and be in today's world! But ... but ... hey, in today's world people are starving --.that money for the shoes could go to needy, desperate Japanese. Or cancer research?

I'll think about this tomorrow. If I still want them tomorrow I'll buy them.

Wham! Here I am, with the shoes on, sitting in my office, writing "IF THE SHOE FITS" for my blog. I'm putting words together about being decisive, clear thinking about what's important, with my two feet under my desk, bedecked in flatforms.

Feeling wonderfully ridiculous, klutzy, marvelously tall, and stylish as I finish this shoe story, I'm aware that it's chilly outside, too chilly for my bare-foot flatforms.

Yes they're very comfortable. Yes, they're lovely. Yes. they are tricky to lace up.

Shall I kiss them goodbye, and pack them back in the shoe box? And return them tomorrow?


Should I? Shouldn't I?

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Carola said...

Congratulations! it is great to have something make you feel happy, good. For me, it would be a new pair of earrings. I'm hopeless when it comes to shoes: About all I can wear are Saucony athletic shoes. If I have to "dress up," I wear flat-heeled sandals. If I really have to dress up, I have some open toe shoes with a half-inch heel.