Sunday, April 10, 2011


"You are a keeper," Emily Frankel says. and John Cullum agrees, "I am definitely a keeper."

The subject is NOT about their marriage.

Emily is talking about junk in their closets, dressers, and shelves. She is definitely a thrower-outer. Her question is -- what's better -- hanging on and hoarding and develop piles of stuff that you haven't worn or used or touched years? Or organizing all the old stuff, and giving it away?

John absolutely agrees with the throwing out principle --"If I haven't worn it in a year, it's out of here!" And then surprises his wife, when he confesses how he's been handling the problem.


Carola said...

This was a charming video!
It's interesting that the writer Emily couldn't feel herself if she went out to all those fancy parties. I can understand that I think.

Lynne said...

LOL My grandmother was a "sneaker-keeper," and it drove us crazy trying to throw things out. I sometimes let things pile up, but when the mess bothers me enough, I go through it like a hot knife through butter---and I wonder "This wasn't so bad, why did I let it pile up???"