Saturday, April 23, 2011


An "ITIS" is an ailment for which there isn't a cure -- a generic something or other that happens again and again and is making you ill.

Almost every time I turn on a television, I'm getting germs that are infecting me, giving me nausea, aches and pains, head-to-toe.

Yes, sometimes by accident the first thing I see on my TV is a weather person, or a pleasant-faced commentator -- lips moving, words coming at me, but mostly, even before I can translate them, something is being sold to me.

Blah blah about something to buy -- that I need, that's urgent, important, GUARANTEED (that word makes me shudder), -- get two for one, great price, low price, worth every penny, call this number -- proof that it's important, the best -- list of warnings -- pictures -- ugly, pretty, animations, reality, cartoons, famous faces, nobodies -- telling, selling, expelling blah blah, compelling me to pay attention. as the blah blah's are mentioned over and over AND OVER!.

Can I be me if I never again turn on the TV?

I'm thinking seriously about it. I'm not sure that I have the will power to stop something that's been a part of my life, more and more and AND MORE -- every year for a lot of years.


Carola said...

I watch very little TV - there's nothing on anyway. It's liberating.

Kevin Daly said...

If there's shows I enjoy I watch them online. There's a man behind the curtain on everything, especially those rotten "reality" shows. There are always products to push, personalities to sell and all in the name of show biz artifice. Howard Beale would have thrived today.