Saturday, April 23, 2011


An "ITIS" is an ailment for which there isn't a cure -- a generic something or other that happens again and again and is making you ill.

Almost every time I turn on a television, I'm getting germs that are infecting me, giving me nausea, aches and pains, head-to-toe.

Yes, sometimes by accident the first thing I see on my TV is a weather person, or a pleasant-faced commentator -- lips moving, words coming at me, but mostly, even before I can translate them, something is being sold to me.

Blah blah about something to buy -- that I need, that's urgent, important, GUARANTEED (that word makes me shudder), -- get two for one, great price, low price, worth every penny, call this number -- proof that it's important, the best -- list of warnings -- pictures -- ugly, pretty, animations, reality, cartoons, famous faces, nobodies -- telling, selling, expelling blah blah, compelling me to pay attention. as the blah blah's are mentioned over and over AND OVER!.

Can I be me if I never again turn on the TV?

I'm thinking seriously about it. I'm not sure that I have the will power to stop something that's been a part of my life, more and more and AND MORE -- every year for a lot of years.
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