Monday, February 1, 2010


Everyone is telling President Barack Obama what to do, what's urgent -- what he has to do right now!

This is the guy we elected after a couple of years of studying him, checking him out, poking around in his past and current life, examining and re-examining everything he ever said and did.

We picked a man who is a uniquely gifted leader, a strong-minded powerful person, and now we're undermining him. We are helping the people who have made up their minds to negate everything he tries to do.

Confident commentators are quoting polls showing that even Black voters are moving away from supporting him; others are making semi-psychoanalytic observations, telling us, telling the world, and telling Obama that "his cool comes off as cold," -- that "he's leading with his head, not his heart."

It's destructive and dumb. They don't know all the facts and factors that the President is juggling, and they're filling the air with wise sounding words, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing -- advice that's piling up around the White House, walling him in.

Obama's face is on the cover of Newsweek's February l issue, and inside the magazine, five columnists have given President Obama their advice --specifics, like "you've got to take a stand right now with Iran!"

Time Magazine, February 1, has President Obama on the cover, seated in his oval office, one leg crossed over the other, holding a pen/pencil, gazing in the direction of the papers on his desk, obviously thinking. "NOW WHAT" is emblazoned on the cover in large, bold. black letters telling us, selling us on "the poor guy, just doesn't quite know what to do."

Yay, we've got free speech! Yay, we the people are participating more than ever in expressing our ideas of how our country's problems can be solved.

Boo, the media is working harder than ever to be more important, more powerful than ever.

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