Friday, February 5, 2010


It's new! If I sign up and join, everything I buy with my credit card is noted, and shared with others.

Huh? What? Why? Is that what I need -- an online accountant peering over my shoulder where ever I go, whenever I shop?

According to its founders, Blippy is very helpful. It publishes what amount of money I charge to the credit card -- exactly what I bought, and the name of the store.

That's "very helpful?" But that's on my statement -- that's all Blippy does?

The founders explain that what's important and significant about their new, social networking Website, is that it shares this information with other members of Blippy.

Tech Crunch and staff writers, who've joined, report that publishing what you charged and bought and where you bought it, will possibly help you spend less -- also, it can encourage you to spend more. What's apparently profoundly important is that you are connecting with others who are observing how you spend your money, and that tells your Blippy friends what's important to you.

If, for instance, you are spending too much on a membership at gym, members will tell you. When others see what you're buying on Amazon, iTunes, or Netflix, and notice what your favorite restaurant is, and how much you're spending at your favorite bar, they're getting to know a lot about you. Their comments about bar bills might inspire you to drink less (or use cash, not your credit card).

And of course, like any other social networking site, being a member of Blippy, gives you a feeling that you're surrounded by friends, even when you're not.

It's easy as pie, they say. You just push a button and all the data is transmitted.

I can't help wondering if pushing a button, having a Website tally your spending, making it available to others, isn't going to encourage a new breed of identity thieves, or marketeers, who will figure out new ways to take advantage of you.

Also before you join, make a list -- put down on your list the items, the things you might buy or do that you would NOT want to share with your friends.

Even as I begin to think about my list, no way, would I want to join Blippy.

But here's the reviewer from Tech Crunch, discussing with Kaplan, one of the founders, how great it is.

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