Thursday, February 4, 2010


Avatar, which I didn't love (or really like), is heading into movie history. Oscar-predictors are certain it will get "Best Picture," "Best Director" and probably "Best Editing," and "Best Original Screenplay" awards.

Everything I read about Avatar is about money. And innovative technology.

It's already won the "money" award for toppling Titanic's $1.8 billion box office record, and it continues to soar at the box office.

After the DVD is released, Avatar will most likely be the most discussed movie in history, for its special effects -- innovative camera work, the amazing body suit undergarments and skullcaps that enabled the 102 tiny cameras to image the actors faces and bodies -- and for the computer generated scenes that are about 60% of the films.

Of course, there are those who want to debate the movie's messages about human rights, racial extermination, the corrupted military, and environment preservation -- there's plenty that can be discussed other than technology. But the "money" is super spectacular -- what's flowing into the box office is creating an ever-larger audience -- everyone is seeing it -- that means if you haven't seen it, you better see it -- and wow! gee! -- that is the best advertising there is.

A few months ago, I finally saw Titanic on my kitchen television set, and found Winslet and DiCaprio lovely as the doomed lovers. The hype kept me from seeing it sooner. I refuse to be brain washed into trying a medicine, reading a book, buying any kind of product that's over advertised, and the movie was.

And Avatar is.

Apparently, these days, at the movies, we need to be awestruck by marvelous things we've never seen before.

Does that affect you? Are you thrilled when you're seeing something spectacular that you never saw before? It doesn't do anything for me, except awaken my awareness of the editor, director, scenic designer, photographer -- their brilliance, and skill.

Avatar didn't touch me or tell me anything that I haven't seen and been told before.

Watching it, I was restless.
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