Sunday, January 31, 2010


John Travolta's castle surprises me -- it's so complicated and fancy looking. He's always seemed like a down-to-earth guy who works at his craft, not someone who needs to tell the world that he's a big star. Maybe the airplanes parked on his lawn in front of their hangers is why the Travolta palace seems too too huge.

Billy Joel's palace looks like an apartment house, or a business building. It's too close to his neighbors. I can't imagine what all the windows are for, unless it's three floors, an upper and lower window on each floor. I wouldn't want to live there.

Halle Berry's castle looks like it belongs next to Billy Joel's. It's not charming, it's just large. It's too close to the neighbors. At least her upper porch looks comfortable and has a homey feeling.

The Oprah Winfrey castle -- wow -- it's ostentatiously large and old-fashioned looking. It's odd, because Oprah bends over backward to be everyone's friend, and not a queen. How do you take care of a castle that size? She probably has at least 4 servants, and provides living places for them.

Hugh Heffner's mansion is a palace, home to quite a few live-in "bunny" girl friends, according to all the publicity. I like the huge tree in front of it. I like the lived-in look of his place. But I wouldn't want to live there and be another girl among the girls. .

Eddie Murphy -- why oh why does he have such a sprawlingly large place? It could be a hotel resort. Maybe it's for sleep-over parties. The vastness of it certainly says Eddie Murphy has, or had a lot of money . Where does Eddie live, and sleep?

Sylvester Stallone's castle looks more like a home, than the other palaces. It's huge, and sprawling but I like the lived-in look of it.

J Lo's and Mark Anthony's home. Rich, ritzy, fancy -- it's too much like she is. But that's Jennifer Lopez -- making sure she's noticed, and always, always "The Star."

These castle homes (except Heffner's and Stallone's) seem as if the star's PR people and managers picked them out, to prove, to emphasize how fantastically rich and successful they are.

To me it proves all these stars are still working hard to stay on top, still competing for Hollywood-style fame and glory.
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