Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Where is the car business now, and what are they selling?

They're selling better cars -- faster, lighter, safer, more electronics.

Emily asked her husband, John Cullum, what he thought about the latest cars.

What he thinks about cars today made more sense to blog writer Emily, than the post she was writing.

Here's the conversation.


Gary Peacock said...

What was that term for walking; "shanksmare"? My talking horse has his laughing-bray going on; such a smart-hind quarters when he wants to be...glad he's in a better mood anyway, as they wouldn't let on the "Ed" show yesterday. He did leave a rancor-pile, his usual means of "letting it all out" when ignored. I shanked (shanksmared?) it quite a bit this past summer while living three miles fron town in the South-Jersey countryside. Healthy-good! This along with better eating habits saw me drop several inches off the waistline and lose thirteen pounds. About the time my horse and I first met, soon after his gelding (he was understandbly hitting the Guinness quite hard,) I think I also heard him use the term shanksmaring once...I didn't pursue it then and am not about to now. Bray on my friends!

Carola said...

Great video. Funny! I also enjoyed the one you did today (funny) about John going blank over his lines.

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