Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Is this a "ha ha" magazine cover?

Newsweek's cleverly disrespectful piece of art work, depicts the President as the Hindu God Shiva, like this picture on the cover of the "Handbook of Hindu Gods, Goddesses, and Saints."

Shiva, a major Hindu deity, known as the "Destroyer," is often depicted as dancing the Tandava.

Whether you study the picture of not-- it's a putdown -- Obama's got his arms (six of them) full of problems.

We the people who elected Barack Obama, and want what he promised to happen -- need to shut up, stop advising, nit-picking, psychoanalyzing.

It's as if everyone, anyone, Dems, Repubs, Tea P's, with a dribble of information or an iota of facts, is telling everyone else what the country needs to do about each and every issue.

Let the President lead, let him do his job. United we stand -- divided, we fall.

I don't think we are falling, but we're on a hill, trying to go up -- we're in danger of sliding back down the slippery slope.

Hey, take a closer look at the book cover -- Shiva's foot is on the head of a dwarf, crushing the demon"Aspasmara," who symbolizes evil and ignorance. If Shiva/Obama steps down, wham, on what's beneath him, he can stop 'em in their tracks, (veto/stalemate 'em, as they did him).


Linda Phillips said...

What ever happened to respect for our president? The last guy sure didn't deserve any, but did Time or Newsweek do a cover like that? I don't believe so.

The Peacock said...

Bad dwarf rap.....what got smally Asp into this fix?...evil and ignorance?...must be a gangsta rappa...boom, ba, boom, pa.

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