Thursday, November 25, 2010


I'm still in a post election fog, with my umbrellas open.

I'm keeping away from the daily shower of news, news people, with their guests, talking about new congressmen and women, and those whom we've lost. I'm not even tuning in my favorite commentators.

I don't want to hear how they feel or their opinions on where this or that issue is heading.

Yes, I'm avoiding the issues. And I'm not going to list them here in this post, as I usually do, so that you know that I know what's current right now.

The first time I heard Lady G, I made a lot of alliterative jokes about gagging over Gaga. Then I paid attention. I listened to her on You Tube and realized that I was the older generation reacting to a young woman's feelings about the world of today.

I think, at present, this older generation lady needs to tidy, dust, vacuum, organize her daily do-wickets, and close off, turn down and tune out her own political convictions.

I need to rest and recover. It's the kind of rest and recovery one needs January 2, after all the holidays.

I'm not ready for the shopping, looking around, buying, changing, exchanging, evaluating, fretting, worrying, making lists, planning, or even mentioning the political issues.

Why? Because I don't like feeling sad, disappointed, and uneasy about the negative cloud that's hanging over the White House and all that's been said about Obama needing to be meaner, tougher, louder, stronger, more aggressive, more of a salesman, more passionate, decisive, less intellectual.

I love the fact that we gathered together and got the Lord's blessing, and have a thoughtful, brilliant legal mind, a man of integrity in the White House -- so I'm celebrating, giving thanks on Thanksgiving

My turkey, my spicy stuffing, special Em cranberry sauce, marshmellowed yams, sweet and sour slaw, peas with pearl onions -- it's ready!

Come to the table. I'm serving it now.
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