Sunday, January 30, 2011


John Cullum is taken aback when Emily asks him what he is doing with his project, "Bible Ballads." He can't concentrate on it, he's been working on a benefit for Burton Lane, and learning music for a workshop.

Emily Frankel presses him to sing just a bit of "In The Beginning"-- a song he's been working on as the opening number for his bible project. But John doesn't want to even begin to try. He starts into another song -- stops and shrugs it off.

The Cullums finish the session, but Emily begs John, and downstairs in his office, Emily films John singing his opening song.


Carolyn Kalmus said...

Loved how you verbally backed John up against the wall until he gave in and sang a bit of IN THE BEGINNING. Truth is, Em, your John is every bit as charismatic now as "back in the day" when he starred in ON A CLEAR DAY.

bobby kosser said...

Em and John - I especially liked this because there are parts that are fuller back and forth. When you say to John, what about this and that x 3+. It's a more telling question. You look good for it. It shows loveable strength and that you don't want to settle for less. We like both of you for it. It also raises the bar for him = YE$ ~ bobby k.

Linda Phillips said...

I loved it! I truly hope he finishes it and that it gets produced! John Cullum could sing the Yellow Pages and make it sound wonderful!

Lynne said...

Oh that is WONDERFUL!!! Do push JC to get it up on the boards, I'd love to see it---and bring my church members too!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Emily and John: I LOVED IT! John-his voice, his presence is wonderful and I could listen to his Bible Ballads all day! I hope he gets this produced. Even see this on audio books if he wants! Thanks for sharing-lovely!!!
kam Kathleen Ann McGee

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