Thursday, February 3, 2011


John Boehner wept before Pelosi handed him the gavel. He wept as he was congratulated.

Then, gavel in his hand, he wept. He wept, as he addressed Congress for the first time as Speaker of the House.

I feel like weeping when I hear what he and the Republicans plan to do -- stall, delay, argue, filibuster, repeal health care, hold on to the tax breaks for the rich, and then attack other legislation that the Obama administration has managed to pass.

John Boehner didn't weep -- I can't forget his ugly angry manner, the day the Health Care bill was passed.

Actors who weep too often during a play are self-indulgent phonies.

When you are moved, you don't need tears to prove it. Weepy Boehner is an actor.

I think, Mr. John Boehner -- you are an indulgent, bad actor.


Linda Phillips said...

And he wears way too much Pancake Makeup in the WRONG shade!!!!!! Orange is not very flattering! Try something in a more natural shade Mr. Boehner!

I can't stand him...add him to my list of people who should go away!

Stan said...

If he was a woman he would be called unstable & too emotional! Too me he is a joke. Like Glenn Beck

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