Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Rod B., the impeached ex-Gov of Illinois, continues to seek jobs, stardom, tons of money, stature, with his hair blown-dry, poufed-up and sprayed. Last time I saw him, he was selling pistachios on TV. Well, maybe Rod B will convince the semi-retired Connie Chung to make another comeback, with him in the guest seat, and I'll have to remember how to spell Bla go jev ich.

Joe Wilson, the GOP congressman from South Carolina, who shouted out during President Obama's health care address, "You lie!" (after Obama said the plan will not cover illegal immigrants) -- he's still around. Oh goody -- I'm braced for more rude Joe-ery as the house tries to repeal, re-write, ruin and re-invent Health Care.

Ex Governor Mark Sanford, of South Carolina -- he's still weepy, blabbing about that Argentinean lady, philosophizing about love, planning on writing a book. Alas, we're not done hearing from him.

What about Michael Steele, ex-Republican National Committee chairman, who's informed us about the RNC's nifty-neat plans for Health Care, handling the war, and solving terrorism? Will the high-profile Steele be helping or hindering the low-profile new Chairman, Reince Priebus? (How do you pronounce his name?)

Adam Lambert, the sexy, indefatigable, almost-American Idol, who's head-to-toe, gorgeous -- will he be knocking us out with his bump and grinding, his teasing, seducing everyone/anyone gay or straight? We'll be seeing him turned on, ON all the channels --no way will this hunk quit!

Hey, with shouting congressmen, sinful and impeached governors, the RNC tearing down this and that, and probably a few headlines about John Edward's woes, Spitzer's wrangles on CNNand the latest bed-hopping stars, sexy Lambert, the-almost-idol is tame relaxation, while a hopped-up Paula Abdul with her Live to Dance Show vies with Randy J. and J Lo to recreate a new wowing, wonderful American Idol Show.

U-hoo Simon Cowell, if your new show doesn't work, don't be a jerk! Come back -- give the new Idol another whack. We NEED the Cowell scowl.
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