Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Whew! I just finished reading a really nasty, negative, full-length, mean article on Oscar-winning Gwyneth Paltrow, and her Website, Goop.com, where Paltrow chats about the many-many things she's doing. At the end of the piece, the critic said, "Her lifestyle -- guru identity, combined with the cookbook that's coming out in April, suggests Paltrow aspires to be an object to emulate, an Oprah with an Oscar."

Do I love Gwyneth? NO. She's never been a lovable. vulnerable movie-heroine. She's not a "sweetheart " type. And gee, she's too gorgeous! She's had -- golly -- all the big breaks and great roles to play, which she plays well, opposite star-type leading men.

The critic reluctantly gave Paltrow's legs "those legs!" an exclamation point, definitely a rave, and told us -- in a put-down tone -- at 38, mother of two kids, Gwyneth can still wear short-shorts "with 2 inch in-seams," (buttocks showing). And proceeded to attack Paltrow for the pop singing she's been doing lately in skin-tight jeans.

Hey, it's a free country -- Paltrow's smart, bracing herself for when she hits her forties, and the phone rings much less often.

I think the critic is jealous, in the way that most women are jealous of a gorgeous, famous actress. Actually, it was fun reading the put-down -- it helped me (temporarily), not think about how I'd look in short-shorts and skin-tight jeans.

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Anonymous said...

A critic would be very boring if every review was a thumbs up...people make their living off of being nasty about others...and we read this crap! But it's part of life I suppose. As far as age, you are whatever you feel...and regarding short shorts? Well, I've seen sixty five year olds that look better than some sixteen year olds! Those things are not easy to wear!

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