Thursday, January 20, 2011


Dogs and cats are amazing, aren't they? It's amazing, the way they bring you joy, amusement, and comfort.

Are other pets as wonderful as a dog, or a cat?

A rabbit, a bird, or birds, squirrels, a flock of pheasants, ducklings, baby chicks, quails that visit -- that's wonderful too, but not the same as pets who live in your home.

If you are upset, bothered, bewildered, tense, fretting, in a bad mood for whatever reason -- your pet somehow brings you back to your centered, normal self.

You can't have a two-way conversation, but discussing things with your pet can tell you what you need to know.

Remarkable true stories have been written about dogs and their devotion. And cats -- our friends tell little stories, so lovingly, about their cats.

When you go out and come back, a pet's reaction when you come back into your home is delightfully affirming.

And cuddling, hugging, feeding, tending -- playing with a cat, kittens, dogs, puppies is more than affirming. -- it helps you do other things that you are compelled to do -- do them with good energy, and a gentler, patient spirit.

But pets don't have the life span that people have. They are in your life quite temporarily. And they don't have the mental capacity to understand your concerns -- problems with health, love, or your mood. Your pets don't really understand -- if you're depressed -- your reasons for being depressed.

Why do you love your pets? Why are they so important?

They are not children, who will grow up and go away, and from afar continue to be in your life.

A pet is not a person, or a child.

Why do you need a pet? What does a pet give you? What do you do with a pet that makes it so very beloved and so very important?

Why am I asking these questions? I don't have a pet, but I've had them -- visions of our dog, Teechie, our cat, Helpy, are still in my mind.


Linda Phillips said...

As a person who has had 5 dogs and 10 cats in my life I can tell you that pets are far better friends than many people are. I can count on my pets to love me unconditionally ....I can count on my pets to always be there for me. Unlike some, so called friends, animals have no agenda and no guile. They do not lie like some people do. They are true friends in every way. I trust my pets and they trust me!

Carola said...

I've thought about a pet I could have when we stop traveling so much. Maybe a turtle (I'm allergic to dogs and cats). I understand that turtles have absolutely no feelings for their owner, but that people still find them charming and loveable.

Anonymous said...

Supposedly, cats lower your blood pressure... And apparently there was a cat in a nursing home a couple years ago that would stay with a person the few days before the person died. Even when nobody else knew... Until of course the cat made if evident. I've rescued both cats and dogs... It's been said that the short life span is due to the love they have in their hearts. Having learned so quickly the importance of it, they don't need to be here so long. It's sad and really painful to lose a pet because they are truly a source of love... Even after using the den as a bathroom or barking so the world can hear, there's nothing like the silent logic and support of a pet.

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