Sunday, January 16, 2011


Who are the most influential commentators in the country right now?

Emily Frankel shares with John Cullum her concern about the fifty names on the list in Newsweek -- men and women who are the most popular these days, and what they are earning.

Their names and faces are familiar. The "names" most in demand, give speeches, write articles, and books, appear on television, radio, and of course are on Twitter and Facebook. Because they're seen constantly, they're selling us their own political and cultural preferences.

It's chilling. The famous men and women who are making the most money as "political entrepreneurs" are touting ideas that dismay the Cullums.


Anonymous said...

What would the world be without drama? A very dull, boring, place. Possibly even a sad one. Lifeless. However with regards to actual "facts", it seems our "news" has started out simply through gossip. The truth is to cut and dry and doesn't always give people reason to chat non-stop. There are some that do strive to tell the truth and state the facts...I give them credit where credit is due. In hearing about the frightening happenings in the world, it's nice to have a dose of humor to go with it. Much like watching a scary movie, and right before sleep, having to watch an episode of Three's Company so that one can in fact sleep. Your opinion ( in mine ) is much more interesting. It's unfortunate that those of us that work so hard, only to come home tired and penniless, see others simply gabbing about on tv making millions. I can chatter as good as any... Maybe I should be a talk show host!

Kevin Daly said...

I can't stand any of it anymore. Too many opinions, too much agenda-pushing rhetoric based on half truths. It's the sound bite era we live in - give us talk now. There is very little room for real journalism among these characters. However, I do pay attention: From the left I go to Rachel Maddow. From the right I go to Joe Scarborough. Somewhere in the middle is the truth and if I'm lucky I may find it yet.

What I really can't stand are the instant reports - before there are known facts. Instead of just providing what is known, the hosts insist on conjecture and speculation and reporting "unconfirmed reports" to fill dead air. (Does no one remember the twenty minutes when Congressman Giffords was pronounced dead from major news sources?? No retraction, no apology. Just bad reporting).

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