Monday, January 17, 2011


Andrew Sullivan, well-known, acclaimed blogger for The Atlantic Monthly, in a video-blog, explains that Abraham Lincoln often had his male guests sleep over, sharing his bed with him, and suggests that Lincoln was gay.

Click, and you'll see Was Lincoln gay?


Sullivan's speculation reminds me of the latest questions about Michelle Obama. She's thicker around the middle. Photos suggest she's gained some weight. And apparently the Obamas disappearance one night got the White House's wagging tongues wagging.

Is Michelle Obama pregnant?

Why do we ponder these questions? Does it make a difference? If Lincoln was gay, do we need to re-examine his deeds, his ideas, and our thoughts of him as a great American?

Is Sullivan concerned and enjoying the idea because of his own gayness?

I know from my husband's family, male Southerners share their beds -- they've seen their older brothers and uncles share their beds -- it's quite natural and polite for them to tell a male guest (if the hour is late, or the weather is inclement), "Why don't you stay over -- I've got room in my bed."

Being a Northerner, we don't share our beds -- even with women friends we're reluctant. Of course, this could be my up-bringing. Anyway, I was shocked when I was out-of-town, and my Southern husband told me he'd invited a friend of ours (who's gay), to sleep over, sharing the bed my husband and I sleep in. It happened more than once back in the days when I was touring, (and my husband, John Cullum, is not gay.)

Why did Sullivan bother with this subject? I've sensed before that Sullivan's an angry man, and tends to over-emphasize that he's gay.

What's interesting is the need in all of us, males and females, to know what our heroes and heroines do in the privacy of their bedrooms.

What is it? Aspects of one's childhood still lingering? Even after we know about the birds and bees, we can't help wondering about our parents, teachers, neighbors, famous people?

The consensus of opinions is that Michele Obama is not pregnant. And I don't think that President Abraham Lincoln was gay just because he invited guys to sleep over.


Carola said...

Back in Lincoln's day it was very common to sleep several men in the same bed. The lawyers of Illinois would ride circuit through the state and sleep 4-5 to a bed in local inns.

Linda Phillips said...

This is interesting. One of my very oldest and dearest friends of well over 40 years happens to be a lesbian. I am straight. She and I have shared beds off and on over the years, strictly out of necessity...and trust me...nothing sexual ever happened.

Anonymous said...

Em.-You are probably right about John Cullum. I heard Lincoln was bi-curious but that was from Robert E.Lee. I believe that President Liberace was also gay but heard that from this guy Sullivan as well. As always your ideas are informative and fun. ~ bobby k.

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