Friday, January 21, 2011


When you're wondering what to do, what to do next, which new thing to try. what old project that you decided was wrong is probably right -- you are nowhere.

It's a writer's dilemma.

Also, it's a normal, average, predicament.

When FINALLY you make a decision, then -- only then -- can you figure out what's first, or last, or where to start -- and what to end with. OR consider reversing the sequence -- consider starting with the end, and ending with what was first.

Then AT LAST, your dilemma in focus because everything is utterly out of out of focus, fuzzy, foggy, unclear.

And HOW to proceed, or IF to proceed, or WHY to proceed is IMMOBILIZING YOU, halting every possible action -- that is when you take a nap.

Or retire for the rest of the day,

You are nowhere. Nowhere is somewhere. It's the place from which you can start again from scratch, to figure out if you should go this way, or that way. Or decide to DO NOTHING.

Do nothing is GREAT! It's a decision than empowers you to think of things you never thought of before, and can take you somewhere where you never ever dreamed of going!


Melli D said...

This post I understand perfectly! It seems up and down and all around...just like me! Choosing to do nothing is yes, a choice. A choice that as a person, you,me, or anybody else is able to make for themselves. Doing nothing today doesn't mean tomorrow will be the same...each time you decide to close the door and do nothing, it can only mean that you'll have to (at some point) open another door to do something. Every end is a new start. I think. ;)

Anonymous said...

Who did the art work? Was that you Em? Fun stuff,full of energy, you are a multi-talented woman!

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