Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Goddess Isis
Glued in my mind is Robin Williams' decision to leave the world, Bacall gone, Ferguson protests, brain damaged football guys, footballers imbued with violence who are abusing women, and ISIS.

Isis thousands of years ago was beneficent Egyptian goddess. Now ISIS is talk in the air of a war that isn't a war but is a war -- endless debates, decapitations, and bombing.

I want my life on my mind; it's become difficult to envision the future with me active, excited, looking forward to tomorrow. Here I am, merely cowering, turning off my ears, eyes, and mind about Ebola, avoiding the coming election babble -- yes -- avoiding the predicted takeover of Congress by more do-nothingers.

Fall season means green into red-brown-gold, not hearing the dreadfully dumb talk about our bad-weak-indecisive President, who is our good-energetic-decisive leader trying to lead, though his legs have been chopped off.

Surely this non-thinking, stuck, frozen phase will melt away. Snowbound, I'm trudging, lifting one leg at a time, effortfully dragging myself beyond the bad events as I step, step, step into tomorrow.

Golly, I want to be back in some sunlight, on my way to doing things with flashes of excitement and interest, heartfelt concern with what else is going on in the world.