Friday, January 13, 2017


Google has been spreading like a puddle, seeping into every aspect of our lives.

It controls our YouTube channel, our email, my blogs, my searches -- whenever I search, ads for what I searched for magically appear on any page I'm on -- ads echoing where I searched for a broom, maid, name, organization, machine, exercise, historical tidbit, even a word -- it's a cobweb of eyes perceiving my need for medicines, apps, gizmos -- every kind of this-or-that for every aspect of my life.

The other day I read about Ad-free Youtube Red for kids. Whoopee! Mentally, I jumped up and was dancing around till I read the finer print: For $10 a month on your kiddie's channel, you make ads go away, though watchdogs claim Red inserts "love me-buy me" flashing pix, in kids' videos.

I ain't dancing. I'm grieving, searching for a bigger, louder way of expressing what I feel ads are doing to us.

Drowning us?


Even if you close your eyes tight, and cover your ears, ads are constantly trickling into the heart, the lungs, the blood stream because everyday we breathe in ad-poisoned air.

Ads are worse than global warming that will destroy our planet. Ads are destroying us, our minds, our sense of right and wrong, our ambitions, dreams, hungers, passions -- ads are there, hovering, waiting, anywhere, everywhere, wherever you are even if your eyes are closed -- ads-ads-ads are night and day a monstrously continual presence.

How many ADS do we see watching TV? Maybe 300 to 700 marketing messages per day, depending on what you watch or listen to. We can maybe, probably, sort of stop ads, if we buy DVR recorders that skip ads, or buy MythsTv, Ads By Name software and maybe, probably, sort of figure out how to use it. 

Hey, guys, turn 'em off -- don't listen, don't look, beware of all fun, interesting, well-advertised products, don't buy -- that's the way to kill them.

THIS   IS   US!!!!!!!!

Kill or be killed.

Sunday, January 8, 2017


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