Thursday, May 25, 2017


Time Magazine recently published the 100 Most Influential People In The World 2017.  (If you want to read it, click the link.)

Jeffrey Bezos and LeBron James are on the list.

Bezos continues to amaze me. The more we get to know him, see what interests him, get a sense of where he is going business-wise, I am impressed by his ideas. He focuses on what the world needs now. Yes, I'm hearing the melody of "Love Sweet Love," but he is singing that the world needs a future where people can live, work, play with hope and joy, and a feeling that they are doing something important. Yes, I'm thinking of the Ten-thousand Year Clock, and Blue Origin, his space Rocket that's soon going to travel to Mars, projects Bezos has been expanding and financing, along with many, many other things he's providing for us.

Time Magazine's list includes major, important people's names, but without question Jeffrey Bezos is my choice for "number-one, influential."

LeBron James is also my choice for number-one influential.

James' talent, amazing mind, and hero's energy and drive -- to win, to do what needs to be done for his team.

With his fame, name, and winning, he made a foundation.

He has invested in the next and next generations.

He is intensely focused on inspiring and encouraging kids.

He is teaching them that talent, study, perfecting one's talent, combined with passion and tenacity and decency, can do the impossible.

Yes, Lebron James and Jeffrey Bezos are at the very top of my list, Emily Frankel's list, of who is major, important, profoundly influential.

Sunday, May 21, 2017


Emily Frankel, as usual, picks the topic, telling John Cullum, "It's time to examine the things we do that are selfish and hurtful -- that affect others in a harmful  way." 

Husband John and wife Emily, wend their way through and around this somewhat tricky issue. If you (watching this video) had to talk about your "sinful doings," what would you mention?