Thursday, February 2, 2017


Emily Frankel, complaining about the mirrors that are everywhere in their house, says, "Checking myself in the mirror is like a disease-- the more I see myself the less good I feel."

John surprises Emily. He thinks women checking themselves in mirrors is a "good habit," and comforts his wife as he explains why. 

Sunday, January 29, 2017


No matter what your age, if you have an idea and WISH it could become a reality -- be it an app, invention, or another kind of a something-or-other -- end of January's a good time to pay attention. 
Thinking like a kid, dig into the specifics of what is involved with your idea. Picture it. Draw, paint, or doodle it -- enjoying the impracticalities, have fun like the kids did who made these pictures.

Zip up the need to chat about it with a pal, parent, brother or sister -- especially avoid anyone older and wiser. Instead, let the idea -- the dream, or whatever popped into your mind -- just be there. Be like the biker in this picture, fearlessly bold, brave, even reckless, heading out into space.
Give your idea a title. Say the title aloud in an empty room -- play with it -- maybe type the word with a sentence about it and save it on your computer. But blur away, shut down and turn off thoughts that whisper stuff about it being dangerous, wrong, bad, harmful, silly, or ridiculous.

Peter Himmelman just published a book, "Let Me Out," that tells you how to unlock your creativity. He's 57, a celebrity, singer, songwriter, speaker, consultant/advisor for McDonalds, Gap Inc., and Banana Republic. With his company "Big Muse," he helps people increase innovative thinking, team building and leadership ability. Himmelman preaches what I've been saying.

Hey guys, maybe buying a book helps you, but I say spend no money, stop wondering should I, shouldn't I? Why? Because if you think like kid, anything can happen.  Anything is possible.  Say it ten times, say it everyday. Say it over and over.

Just jump in. Just do it.