Sunday, July 26, 2020


I think about this special guy (John Cullum every day--if there was/ is/ a watchful, listening LORD above us, I bet he would approve. Since I am thinking and writing about THE REAL ME, you are getting the story about me --"The Real Me,'" ---and also getting the story of Frankee Ryder, a passionately committed girl/woman who very early in her life, always ALWAYSwrote on the bathroom mirror. 

Frankee didn't budge till the letters on the mirror melted and ran together-- I WILL DANCE TILL I DIE--  I W D T I D  ...

(Wish there were a way I could ramble on in upper and lower case with what I'm typing and NOT use caps: Our son JD (John David Cullum) says when you write in caps, you are shouting. Although I am not shouting, right now I am sharing a few moments when I feel this is really me.)  

If right now I am REALLY ME, declaring it like JD said, what can you grab onto from this "shout?" 

You are possibly rabbing it, understanding what I'm saying loudly right now
        (Please, read this with dramatic energy)

  I wanted to be a great dancer more than anything in the world and I did it!