Tuesday, January 15, 2019


Brett Kavanaugh was nominated by Trump to fill the Supreme Court seat vacated by Anthony Kennedy.

The "New Yorker" reported a woman claimed that Kavanaugh, as a high school student, “held her down, and … attempted to force himself on her.” Christine Blasey-Ford, author and Psychology Teacher at Stanford and Palo Alto Universities, came forward and answered all questions.
Kavanaugh passionately, with anger and tears, denied all the allegations.
Both of them were further investigated. She took a polygraph. He didn't. His testimony did not convince me that he was innocent. Her demeanor and unwavering honesty convinced me the was telling the truth. Though two other women claimed that Kavanaugh in high school had tried to force himself on them, Trump confirmed Kavanaugh.

Today, Supreme Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh is working on a lawsuit between drug manufacturer Merck, and the FDA that will affect other drug companies. Today, Christine Blasey-Ford is not able to work. With media, crowds outside her home, and death threats, she and her husband and two teenage sons have had to move four times--she's living in an undisclosed area of California.

I feel what happened to her and what he did in high school tells a lot about boys and girls growing up in America--females, from day one, are taught to be seductive, and charming--males from infancy on learn how to succeed and get what they need.

Maybe she'll write a book about this at some point--she's a name now, as is Supreme Court Judge Kavanaugh. He'll be in history books, and revered for the rest of his life. He won. She lost. What could she have won? A better job at a more prestigious University?

Hey, whether we sympathize with her or him, Christine could not win, and Kavanaugh could not lose. We're grownups. As grownups growing in our flowerpots, we express what we've have been trained to feel. So guys, I'm saying what I can't help but feel.