Wednesday, July 12, 2017


I'm giving away free copies of my novel, "Somebody, Woman of the Century," hoping you'll find time to peek at it -- browse, skim, and start reading my heroine Cordelia's story.

Born out of wedlock on day one of 1900, the events in her life coincide with first light bulbs, radio waves, first phones, flivers, victrolas, wars...bustles to bikinis, the Pill -- major happenings as well as trivia.

At 18 Cordelia's the Mother of twins, at 19 in silent movies, 27 on Broadway playing Juliet, age 30 first news lady in radio, widowed at 32 married to a powerful publisher, 37 first female on TV; age 43 an older woman birthing daughter with birthmark, at 50 number-one famous TV reporter. Age 59, she's mothering daughter Kate's baby Miranda; at 64 she's running 18 newspapers, coaching Miranda in tennis, working for Mz Magazine, helped by two beloved best friends who are also, both, her lovers.

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July 12, 13, 14, 15

As the 20th Century is ending, the way Cordelia passes onto her granddaughter her own powerful energy and passion to take on the future, is what most of us would like to do for our children, if time and opportunity give us a chance.