Saturday, September 28, 2019


The list of bad guys keeps getting longer.

Since April 2017, when Fox News Host, Bill O'Reilly was forced to resign, more than 250 powerful people — celebrities, politicians, CEOs, have disappesred. It took me a couple of hours of wading through the names, looking for favorite celebs -- commentators and actors mostly, whose work I no longer see.

Here's a link to a bunch of  guys who've been unemployed for a long time -- golly, good guys like Tom Brokaw -- I miss him.

Found anyone who belongs on your own personal GOOD GUY list?


Monday, September 23, 2019


The Los Angeles Times wrote about the Klatch cafe with branches in Southern California and San Francisco that's touting its $75 a cup as the world's best.

Being a coffee nut, pissed off by $75 a cup, I checked out "Ten Great Coffees" online.

I started with Hawaiian Kona Coffee, price $34/pound. The online article said "has a fantastic flavor and unique taste. Most sellers use a blend of 10% Kona coffee and 90% cheaper variety. Make sure you buy and consume 100% Kona coffee." I drank Kona coffee when my husband was shooting the film "Hawaii." We were living in the Ilikai, a luxurious hotel in Honolulu where all the actors lived for a couple of months. Since the film company was paying our bills, I figured it was 100% Kona.  But the hotel -- 8 a.m. till 7 p.m, constantly had loud bang-bang noises because it was being renovated. Living there was lousy and room service Kona coffee was lukewarm.

I drank Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, $50/pound, known for it's mild taste, when I was performing with my dance company in Japan but it made me sleepy. Saint Helena Coffee--$79/pound intrigued me since Napoleon Bonaparte was ardent fan of its caramel and citrus flavor but you'd have to visit the island where he lived in exile, to taste it.

Very expensive coffee -- civet coffee,  Kopi Luwak -- costs 160/pound. Indonesian Asian Palm civets, consume the beans, ferment them, deposit the coffee beans in their feces from where it is collected and processed.

The tip-top most expensive $500/pound coffee that's favored by coffee afficionados, Black Ivory Coffee, like civet coffee, it is made by elephants that consume the beans. Their feces provide an especially robust flavor.

Guys, I have to say drinking a cup of civet or elephant poop is just too too icky. Next time we visit our son who lives  in North Hollywood, we'll visit our friends in southern California and won't mind paying $75 for a cup.