Wednesday, July 8, 2020


We have re-opened more than a few businesses as we're returning to "nomal"--you can get your hair trimmed, even get a massage, nails polished and other beautification treatments in about twenty states but they're running out of supplies. No more hospital beds in Texas. And more than a few businesses  were told that they could now open, are re-opened, and then closed back down. 

ARE WE WE GOING TO CONTINUE EXPECTING, with announcements of the progress we've made, the pandemic crisis is subsiding?

I heard Dr. Fauci about an hour ago saying saying "WE'RE UP TO OUR KNEES IN IT NOW."
Shuddering, feeling tears fill my eyes I reply to the television image with a nod.

In our fears about what's next, it could be another bout of Corona.   Oh no! Oh yes!  It could be CORONA  VIRUS  II.

haztver theresons, we ae i a crisis--taagain