Thursday, April 7, 2016


In Davos, an enchanting resort town in Switzerland, since 1971 the world's leaders have been getting together for the World Economic Forum.

This past January, for three days some of the world's most powerful people shared what their countries are doing and worrying about. What was shared undoubtedly affects global trends as well as decisions. Last year, at the January 2015 meeting, the theme was "New Global Context." The theme of the 2016 meeting which was the 46th annual conference, was "Mastering the Fourth Industrial Revolution."

At the 2016 conference were 288 government officials, 196 academics, 48 representatives from international organizations, and 2101 people from the private sector. Skim my blog, Powerful People Pondering, about last year's meeting, and see what Al Gore, and Facebook's Sheryl Sternberg said. Previous attendees have included Henry Kissinger, Nelson Mandela, Lloyd Webber, and Yasser Arafat. This year, the attendees includedAl Gore, Bill Clinton, Bill and Melinda Gates, U2's lead singer Bono, Tony Blair and Joe Biden, who played an important role throughout the conference.  

Meetings and lectures reflected how technological innovations -- artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, nano technology, 3d-printing, genetics, and biotechnology -- are profoundly affecting business as well as plain ordinary people. With the expanding "Internet of Things," there's a mounting concern about unemployment, and predictions that millions of jobs could be lost in the next few years,

Aside from many countries bracing for what might be another global recession in 2016, and last year's emphasis on gender equality, racial, and religious differences, in the spur of the moment get-togethers in hallways (also on the ski slope, and in stores on Davos' main street), there was a lot of talk about technology changing every aspect of our lives -- from how individuals earn a paycheck to how states fight wars.

Hey, I am not one of the powerful people. The Davos Powerful People seem like the parents of the world of today, watching over us ordinary kids.

Golly, I'm glad the parents are searching for ways to handle fascinating new technology. I'm just hoping the 4th Industrial Revolution -- like electricity, autos, planes, motors, and factories made a better life for us -- will truly make us a much, much better life.

Guys, it scares me, but it comforts me that they're talking and pondering.

Sunday, April 3, 2016


Practical thoughts.

Ads say "ask your doctor," and continually tell you to consult your doctor about anything that doesn't  feel right.  C'mon guys, you know doctors are busier than ever, filling out reports in order get money from the various health care bosses. You need to keep track of all the stuff on the list that follows:

Your Blood Pressure -- learn the words systolic, diastolic and know the numbers -- are you high, low, or in the normal range.

 Your Elimination -- urination and bowel habits -- be aware of quantity, color, quality, frequency, discomfort -- all the aspects of your body's output -- the sphincter and peristaltic feelings. Are you having to work hard to empty bladder or bowel? Are you losing control?

Your Symptoms -- anything that's weird, odd, different that you're feeling, you need to know when it occurs, how often, and does it keep you from functioning normally. Include moodiness -- depressive, or suicidal thoughts, and your worries -- the events, the things you do that get you flushed, or get your  heart-racing. Are you ever dizzy, ever feel faint? Do you get enough sleep? Are you often exhausted? Also, keep track of sneezing, itching, rashes; also twinges, or dull aches when you bite or chew. Do you sweat a lot, or never sweat? What about your eyes, your ears -- are you seeing and hearing normally?

Your Exercise -- do you know what exercises you ought to do every day, or every other day, or once a week?  You need to be in charge, and realistic. Be aware of your arms, legs, shoulders, back -- do you wake with a backache, or aches in neck, elbows, hips, knees, or wrists?  Whatever, where ever -- pay attention! And include feet, toes, hands, fingers, and thumbs, in your exercise.

Your Weight and Height -- are you gaining, losing?  If you're shorter than you were a couple of years ago, you are shrinking as you age, so pay attention to sitting  and standing taller.

Your Diet. Get educated: learn about the calories, carbohydrates in the foods you eat or over-eat, as well as essential nutrients, vitamins, C, D, B, calcium, and minerals.

B-bp, E-limination, S-ymptoms E-xercise W-eight/height, D-iet. B E S E W D --  that's Dr Em's advice. Golly, a body -- your body is a priceless gift that you own. It's fascinating to be aware of it, to maintain awareness. If it's difficult for you -- aha -- that means you've been ignoring you.

Get a tiny special note book. (I'm big on notebooks -- I've got too many things I have to be sure I do every single day.) Carry your notebook with you, and put down any thought that occurs to you, and investigate it further -- by yourself, and then, if it's worrisome -- consult a trusted, highly recommended MD.

Guys, it's YOUR job. 
YOU are the boss.