Thursday, February 5, 2015


John Cullum and Emily Frankel delve into the subject -- the importance of knowing what you think, what your instinct is, what you like, and listening to your own voice.

Em feels finding her voice was essential, a major event for her as a writer.  John translates the idea into an important, practical tool for actors. 

Monday, February 2, 2015


What can we do if this happens to New York City, New York, America, the world?

Yes, I know, we are overloaded with concerns, not sure what to do about the latest terrifying international issues, as well as the unsolved American issues of  guns, voters' rights, immigration, neglected veterans, and ... and ...

And all that and more, and things in your life -- you can sing-song your list -- say it, or think it, but that inner song produces only a dissonant, deep sense of insecurity. Yes, even if you are quite young, with a bunch of doings ahead of you -- even if you're middle-aged, even if you're older and not sure anymore if the future is an inestimable number of days or a year or so.

Some of us are protesters, signers of petitions, fighters, proselytizers, volunteers, donors who give money -- but how do we do anything about climate change that no world organization is handling because countries don't agree on what to do -- many don't agree that there is problem.

We are at a live-or-die road crossing. Global warming is happening -- has been happening for a long time. Pay attention to what's been said, argued about, studied, reported, predicted, pooh-poohed. Now, right now, is the time to learn and share what you feel with everyone you know -- keep global warming in the front of your mind, on the tip of your tongue.

I have looked at older videos, new videos, predictions of floods, fires, running out of food and water.  Pick any source of information that you trust, or go with a mish-mash-mix of what you learn. The question lingers -- what should we do, what can you or I do?

Here's a link to a 54-minute video "Global warming and the New Ice Age." I have watched it more than once. The narrator presents ifs and maybes and does not declare that he knows the truth. It was made in January 2014.

Here's what highly respected authority, Professor Michio Kaku has said about global warming in a video he made in February 2014.

Take a look at this video discussion about whom and what to believe.  I found this amusing, and very helpful.