Saturday, October 28, 2017


Emily Frankel is nervous about "retirement,"wondering if it's something they are going to do sooner or later.

John Cullum teases his wife, Emily, declaring he's already retired even though he's still working as an actor -- not starring in plays and musicals, just doing different kinds of roles.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017


Want a robot in your kitchen? (Yes, people in the know call 'em "bots.")

A cook for you and your family doesn't exist yet, but technologists are working on it. Many appliance companies as well as gadget-startups are hotly & heavily working on devices that can prepare meals and shop for groceries.

A bot will keep you well-stocked. Amazon's ready to sell you its "Dash" button, ( $4.99 per button) that could replenish things like Ziploc bags and pretzel goldfish.
     Samsung's Family Hub Refrigerator, ($3,499),makes shopping easier, and with LG, (electronic company working with Amazon Alexa) offers you recipes.
     For $99 you can get a wireless SmarterFridgeCam that lets you see the contents of your fridge -- with its app tracks expiration dates on what you have, and makes recipe suggestions.

Bots can help you cook. The June Intelligent Oven ($1,495, called the Tesla of ovens) uses A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) to determine how long things should cook; with its ability to identify foods such as chicken, bacon, salmon, waffles, chocolate chip cookies; with its cameras, sensors, and temperature gauge it can even remind you when to flip what's cooking.
A smart baking scale can tell you how much sugar, flour, seasoning, you need to add, such as Drop ($79.95) or Perfect Bake ($72), which also can, with its app, help you substitute ingredients for what you don't have.
     Various companies, such as Amazon Echo ($179.99) and Google Home  ($129.00) sets a timer for you and reads recipes aloud from Allrecipes and Food Network.

Bots can keep you healthy.
HAPIfork ($79) helps you lose weight by preventing you from eating too fast or too much -- it vibrates and lights up to indicate this. 
     SmartPlate Top View ($79) works with a scale and app that helps diners portion their meals and maintain a well-balanced diet.
     Pryme Vessyl ($99), a smart cup, can prevent dehydration, track daily water consumption with its meter that lights up to indicate your hydration level throughout the day; it integrates with Apple's Health App for the iPhone, so you can plug in your water-metics along with other fitness-metrics.


....well, I love to cook. I don't use recipes. I know how to use all my appliances efficiently. I have a timer on the stove that I rarely use. I keep a shopping list (with pencil attached) stuck to the fridge and keep it up-to-date. I shop for food online, and have it delivered once or twice a week. As for hydration, well-balanced diet, eating too fast, expiration dates ... Golly, good heavens....

A bot in your kitchen would be like having your Mom, or a stickler Mother-in-law looking over your shoulder!!!!