Saturday, December 31, 2016


What a song -- what a gathering of people who gave us this song to sing. And today, again, like last year, and the year before and now -- right this minute -- this is a song that expresses what we are feeling.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016


Here's where Barack and Michelle Obama, and their daughters will be living.

It's a 9-bedroom mansion with 8.5 baths, in the Kalorama section of D.C. about two miles from the White House. Barack Obama said they'll live there for at least two years while their youngest daughter, 15-year-old Sasha, finishes high school.

Photos and videos describe this mansion as "swanky, splendiferous, glamorous." There are rooms for everything -- work, research, recreation, exercise, pets, guests and guests' kids, a suite for Michelle's mother, accommodations and parking for assistants and servants, as well for U. S. Secret Service Guards who guard former presidents and their families.  

The Obamas have also acquired a California home in Rancho Mirage where there are world-class golf courses. The town has been the unofficial West Coast Camp David for other presidents. Right now, for the holidays, the Obamas are at their vacation home in Hawaii.

Yes, it's a WOW  of  home -- what they deserve after more than eight years of working for us -- a home sweet home where Michelle will continue working for us on her various projects, where Barack will continue working for us, our country, and people everywhere in the world. He's had the whole world in his hands. Undoubtedly, he'll continue to work on the many issues that are life and death important for the whole world

If you want to see more, you'll enjoy this second, longer video. 

Interesting facts:  
This 8,200 square foot brick Tudor mansion, owned by White House press secretary Joe Lockhart, is currently valued at $7 million. Though we don't know what the Obamas are paying for it, it would cost  $22,000 a month to rent, according to Lockhart's real estate agent, who lists the house as meticulously renovated with courtyard space for 8-10 vehicles. The mansion is next door to a former congressman,  down the street from the French ambassador's residence, around the corner from the oldest house in the city, and about a half mile from the D.C.home of Hillary and Bill Clinton.