Wednesday, September 5, 2018


Practical thoughts.

It's time to do your own annual checkup. You need to keep track of what's on this list.

Your Blood Pressure -- know the words systolic, diastolic and know the numbers -- are you high, low, or in the normal range.

 Your Elimination -- urination and bowel habits -- be aware of quantity, color, quality, frequency, discomfort -- all the aspects of your body's output -- the sphincter and peristaltic feelings. Are you having to work hard to empty bladder or bowel? Are you losing control?

Your Symptoms -- anything that's weird, odd, different that you're feeling, you need to know when it occurs, how often, and does it keep you from functioning normally. Include moodiness -- depressive, or suicidal thoughts, and your worries -- events, things you do that get you flushed, or get your  heart-racing. Are you ever dizzy, ever feel faint? Do you get enough sleep? Are you often exhausted? Also, keep track of sneezing, itching, rashes; also twinges, or dull aches when you bite or chew. Do you sweat a lot, or never sweat? What about your eyes, your ears -- are you seeing and hearing normally?

Your Exercise -- do you know what exercises you ought to do every day, or every other day, or once a week?  You need to be in charge, and realistic. Be aware of your arms, legs, shoulders, back -- do you wake with a backache, or aches in neck, elbows, hips, knees, or wrists? Whatever/where ever-- pay attention! And include feet, toes, hands, fingers, and thumbs, in your exercise.

Your Weight and Height -- are you gaining, losing?  If you're shorter than you were a couple of years ago, you are shrinking as you age, so pay attention to sitting  and standing taller.

Your Diet. Get educated: learn about the calories, carbohydrates in the foods you eat or over-eat, as well as essential nutrients, vitamins, C, D, B, calcium, and minerals.

B-Bp, E-limination, S-ymptoms E-xercise W-eight/height, D-iet -- B E S E W D -- that's my advice.  Be aware of these things, and maintain awareness. Even if it's difficult for you -- do it anyway.

Yes, its a lot of stuff. If necessary make notes in a little notebook. I do it, been doing it for years. It works!

If if something seems weird, wrong, painful, or repetitiously worrisome, consult a trusted, highly recommended MD.

Guys, it's YOUR job. YOU are the boss of YOU.  BE YOUR OWN DOC is a BIG part of it.